If we are offering CDB to help individuals with overall health and well being why not inspire and motivate them as well. Folera is an inspiring brand and aspires to profoundly change the way people feel about themselves. We enjoy helping people and we hope these inspirational posts help you.

get real

We all have struggles and some of us bend but do not break. Some of us break. The burdens of life can weigh us down and remind us of a dead-lift. Yea like that workout and we can’t seem to get the weights off the floor. Others are watching and sometimes that makes it worse and we think of judgement.

Relax. The first step in dealing with your struggles is realizing that no one can help you with them unless you start by helping yourself. Prepare your mind for the fact that no one is willing to carry around your burdens and willing to do your dead-lift. Once your mind is ready you can prepare your body for those struggles. Get real and start working through your struggles by working on you first. Once others see you are trying then they will and can help you. Don’t quit.



There is enough negativity to go around. Just turn on the TV in the morning and see it for yourself. We can all be negative for a variety of things; we will have bad days, things will go wrong, we will struggle with pain, we might not get that raise at work and so on and so on. So what!

Don’t dwell on the negative. You wake up each day don’t you. If you rise every morning by now you know things will go up and then go down, sometimes sideways but what remains is that you always get over them. If this is the case then why be negative and ruin your time here, choose to be positive and enjoy your time.


do you boo boo

Why pretend to be someone you are not. Many of us are struggling with accepting who we are, so we try to be like someone else. Then we realize that we can’t be exactly like the other person. We are unique, we were meant to be the way we are. Imagine if we were all the same, that would be boring.

Accept who you are, the way you are and what you are experiencing. Accepting who you are and being yourself is the best version of you the world will see. Do what you do best, you do you boo boo.