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CBD & Alternatives To Diet Sodas


If you’re like most people and on a losing weight diet plan, one thing you think is a great option is diet soda. If you have a sweet tooth, this may seem like the perfect solution.  It is sweet, it does not contain any calories, it’s carbonated and it will will really quench your thirst.

Despite the fact that diet soda is completely devoid of calories, it contains many unnatural ingredients that are not so healthy for you. We advise avoiding it if possible.

If you want to see best results from your health and weight loss program you need to try other options that have produced results for people.  So all of this said, what can you turn to instead of diet drinks?

Here are some options;

Home-Made Lemonade and Tea

The first option to replace diet drinks with is home-made lemonade.  This option is great because it’s calorie free and if you make it with Green tea, it can actually give you a slight boost to your metabolism as well.

To prepare home-made lemonade, brew up a batch of your favorite tea and then place it over ice in the fridge.  Wait a few hours for it to cool and then serve it with a few slices of lemon as desired. Don’t add sugar or too much sugar if you can to avoid the calories.

Water With Lemon

The next option that you can try to if you don’t like lemonade or tea is water with lemon only.  Lemon adds an instant slash of flavor to your water and will make it easier to put down.

If you want to see optimal weight loss on your plan, you should be aiming to drink ten to twelve glasses of water per day, so this can definitely help you achieve that.

Toss a lemon in the water and allow to sit for 30 minutes or an hour to let the flavor come out, then gulp it down.

Seltzer Water

The next quick beverage option that you can use instead of diet sodas is seltzer water. If it’s the carbonation that you crave, seltzer water is what will solve this craving in a hurry.

It’s also completely calorie free and will offer a refreshing taste as you go about your day.  Just be sure that you are purchasing a variety that doesn’t contain sugar, as that would add unwanted calories.

CBD With Any Drink

Finally, consider adding CBD to your drink options. We have seen and heard a few stories from individuals who take a drop of CBD or a Capsule before and after any drink they have. Hemp derived CBD broad spectrum products have been shown to increase bowl movements and help soften stool. This is a nice option for you on a weight loss diet plan. Try it an let us know of your results.

So there you have some options to consider to replace your diet sodas with.  If you do this, you should have no problem earning some positive results. We always recommend trying the natural paths to a better diet as it also provides for a better overall health and wellness.

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Some Better Mood Foods and CBD

In today’s fast paced and extremely stressful world we should all be walking around grumpy and in a bad mood. In fact most of us do. What should we do about it? Should we just accept it and say “it is what it is”. Nope, we don’t think so. We have found that our diets have a lot to do with how our body behaves and ultimately our overall attitude. Here are some good foods we found that could improve your mood and with the help of some added CBD you should not be walking around grumpy.


Salmon provides the body with some healthy fats, like Omega-3 fatty acids. The brain is 60% fat and mainly loves omega-3 fats. Try to have salmon 2 or more times per week, odds are you’ll be happier and less likely to be grumpy or a downer.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are a key part of any non-grumpy diet, as they help raise levels of serotonin, which acts as the body’s natural antidepressant. Also, the fiber from whole grain carbohydrates keeps your blood sugar stable, so you feel more alert and energized. Try to eat whole grains daily if you can but small portions of it.

Medjool Dates

The likelihood of being in a bad mood due to stress or other factors is higher in people with a deficiency of vitamins and in general Vitamin D. Studies show that most Americans are deficient. One of the foods we have tried and found to be a good source of vitamins is medjool dates. Unlike most snacks, medjool dates are full of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. You should try to have at least a handful of dates throughout the day, instead of snacking on candies.


Continuing on the topic of vitamins and antioxidants, we found that cherries are a good source for those things and a great snack. Tart cherries particularly are rich in melatonin, which acts as a natural sleep aid and can improve sleep quality. Most grumpy people are lacking the sleep needed to sustain a good mood and good overall health. Try to have a handful of cherries and mainly tart cherries 2 times a day and mainly in the evening to adjust your mood.


You can choose many foods or alternatives throughout the day to help you improve your attitude and relax. Don’t be afraid of trying things to improve your mood, it’s worth it.

Adding some hemp extracted CBD to your diet can help you relax. Its anecdotal, but we have given it a try and saw some improvements. We recommend starting out with some light servings. Try CBD gummies that have 15 to 20mg of CBD in them and try a healthy option like a vegan gummy or the like.

So there you have some options for you to try to help improve your mood. There is no silver bullet but everyone should try different things to improve their attitude and overall health and well being. Feeling good is half the battle and its one you want to win each day. Stay positive and work hard on your diet so that your diet keeps your mind and body sound.

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CBD With Your Smoothie

fruit yogurt

Smoothies are great aren’t they. It’s an easy way to get a good set of nutrients into one meal or let’s say one healthy drink. As you go about planning your diet, one thing that you will likely want to make use of from time to time is a smoothie.  Smoothies are a great way to get good nutrition when you’re in a rush because all you have to do is simply toss some key ingredients into a blender and you’re ready to go. If you have been reading our workout tips and using CBD, then you will enjoy this read as CBD can be added to your smoothies for some extra health benefits.

The important thing that you must remember is that home-made smoothies are going to be the way to go because when you purchase them from a commercial smoothie bar, you’re going to be in for more calories and fat than you bargained for. That aside, it’s vital that you learn how to prepare a well-balanced smoothie from a combination of great ingredients.

Let’s look at the primary ones that you should consider;


One of the first ingredients to add into your smoothie mix is yogurt. It helps enhance the thickness as well as give it a nice creamy taste.  Make sure that you choose one with low or no sugar added and low-fat. Organic Greek yogurt is good option.

Add about 1/2 to 1 cup of yogurt for a decent sized smoothie.

Frozen Fruits

Now you need to add some fruit.  While its best to try and get some fresh fruits added in for maximum taste, frozen fruits tend to add texture to the smoothie and will reduce the need to add ice. When too much ice is added it can taste rather watery when you’re drinking it, so frozen fruits tend to make for a better smoothie.

We like a combination (fruit package) of frozen raspberries, blueberries and strawberries which are great for antioxidants. Then we add 1 organic banana to that to give it a very milkshake-like feel and some needed potassium.

Add 1/2 cup of frozen fruits and 1 banana to your smoothie.


If you want to get some healthy fats into your smoothie, flaxseed is a terrific option.  Flaxseeds are high in essential fats and will also add some fiber as well. 

Put 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed into the mix and you should be all set.

Skim Milk

To help thin out your shake, you will need a little liquid.  Water will dilute the taste so unless you’re on a very low-calorie diet, you want to stay away from that option. Fruit juice is an option as it will add more flavor, but it will also add more sugar, so we usually recommend against it.

Instead, opt for skim milk. It will help to provide a bit of protein, lots of calcium and it won’t impact your sugar levels. It’s the perfect addition to any fruit smoothie.

Add 1/2 cup of skim milk to your mix.

CBD Oil from Hemp

Many of you have heard of the various benefits of CBD oil. We have found that CBD oil is a good ingredient to add to smoothies since it does not dilute the flavor of the smoothie and adds the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil to the mix.

This is a great way to get the benefits of CBD pre and post workout. Also, if you like to have a quick smoothie for breakfast it’s a great way to get CBD in your diet and start the day off on a good footing.

Add 1-2 milliliters of CBD oil to your smoothie for best results. If you can purchase CBD that comes with a dropper like the Folera tinctures then that is 1-2 droppers.

If you like smoothies, then you will like this recipe. This is a good list of ingredients to consider when making your smoothie. Try this recipe and rest assured that you’re giving your body the best nutrients possible to help you on your health and wellness journey.

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Tips For Your Recovery After Workouts and Using CBD

After you complete your workout session it’s important that you do the right things to recover properly. This will help you do better during the next session. As you make your way through your workout program, one thing that you need to be taking into account is the amount of time it takes to recover and how your body is feeling from session to session.

If you want to see optimal results from your workout, it’s going to be imperative that you have a good rate of recovery between each and every session.  If you don’t and go back into the gym before you have fully recovered, you’re just going to end up getting hurt or your results won’t be what you are looking for.

Here are some tips to help you recover. We found that these tips and including CBD in the recovery process has provided some nice results for us.

Hot Baths

One of the first recovery tips is to consider taking a nice hot bath.  Hot baths are great because not only are they going to relax the body, but they’re going to help increase blood circulation throughout your cells as well.

In addition to that, most people find that a hot bath will really help to ease the tension in the muscles , so this can really go a long way towards helping to reduce post-workout muscle soreness.


The second tip that you can use to help enhance your recovery is stretching.  Stretching is another great technique for reducing post-workout soreness and can also put you into a calmer state.

Stretching should be performed daily for best results as it’s something that you have to continuously do to keep the blood flowing to the muscles.

Stretch out your arms, legs, neck and don’t forget a few push-ups and sit-ups which will help stretch out the chest and abdominal muscles. Make sure that you hold each stretch you do for at least 30 seconds for best results. Stretch at least twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

The good news about this is that it will increase your flexibility as well, this will help you perform better in your workout sessions.

CBD to Relax

One of the new strategies we have started during the recovery stage is using CBD oil. Some folks use gummies but it’s better to use the oil droplets. Using the droppers with 20-25mg of CBD while recovering helps to keep you calm and relaxed. Also topicals can be applied to sore areas to give you some comfort as you recover.

For quite some time now people have been using CBD oil to help with overall wellness and we think it should be used as a supplement in between your workouts. As you use CBD remember to drink a lot of fluids to remain hydrated and fresh.

Now you have some good tips that will help you get back into the gym better prepared after each workout. These tips should help you with optimal performance during your next workout session and keep your body in great shape in between sessions. Remember your body is your fortress!

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Types of CBD Products

cbd oil

At Folera we offer a variety of CBD products, depending on your needs and taste.  Studies have been done that found CBD oil is a safe and natural way to help maintain your overall wellness.  Whether you are interested in health or just relaxation there is a CBD product for you.

There are several ways to use CBD oil.  Some of the most common ways are oils, capsules, topical creams and gummies.  Each ingestible has a different taste and depending on what you like, we can help you find the right product for you. The topicals are calming and soothing too.


CBD oil capsules are a fast and easy way to use CBD.  At Folera we offer a unique capsule made from organic hemp extracted with nanotechnology.  This technology makes the CBD more bioavailable to you and easier to digest.

Topical Creams

CBD cream is a great way to provide comfort and soothe your muscles.  Our pain cream and salve contains soothing menthol and utilizes cryotherapy (cold therapy) for quick and rapid penetration. It also smells great and is easy to apply to your skin.


Our CBD gummies come from the purest hemp oil extract, are convenient and taste great. CBD Gummies are growing in popularity, especially among young customers, because they are so easy and fun to take. If you are looking for an organic and vegan product our CBD Gummies are a wonderful option.

All Folera products are made from organic hemp, have no THC and are legal in many of the 50 states.  Products are tested twice and are purely sourced, which means they are hand selected by our team and tested by certified third party labs to produce the best results for you. In your journey to better health and well-being, CBD is a nice addition.

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Tips For Your Workout and Using CBD to Relax

lady working out

For beginners just getting started with a journey into the world of fitness, there are some important things that you must remember right from the start.  If you rush into a workout program without being fully prepared you may find that you will make some big mistakes along the way and fail to see the results that you were after.

If you take the essential steps to guarantee success, you won’t falter along the way. Let’s have a quick peak at a few of the main tips that you need to keep in mind when starting your first workout routine.

Get the Form Right Without Weights

The very first thing that you should remember as you get going with your workout program is that good form is a must. Doing the right workout the right way is key.

Those who don’t use good form will either wind up injured or not working the muscles as intended.  To prevent yourself from using improper form, take some time at the very beginning to learn good form by using no weights while you do the exercises. Here is a site with good tips on form.

Once you have the correct movement pattern and form down then you should consider adding weights to the equation.

Focus on Your Nutrition

Second, ensure you are smart about your nutrition.  Try to eat a good source of protein and carbs before and after a workout session. This will guarantee that you have enough fuel to get through the workout and keep you at your best at all times. Don’t forget to drink a lot of fluids before, during and after the workout.

Going into a workout without eating and drinking enough fluids could result in you feeling much weaker than you should and you might not want to complete the workout routine.

Take some time to learn about the special nutritional needs of those who are participating in rigorous physical activity before you get started so you don’t miss out on these vital nutrients along the way. Here is a site with some nice pre workout options.

Set Some Good Goals

The third thing that you want to do if you hope to have some success is set some good goals you can achieve. You should try to start out by doing a 30 minute workout and over time increase it up to a full hour. During the 30 minutes you should try to work on 3 muscle areas and then the next day work on 3 different ones. Rotate this for a few days each week for best results.

Those who fail to set goals will often lose their motivation halfway through the program as they won’t see a point in continuing. When you know precisely what it is that you’re working towards and can clearly picture that in your mind, you won’t have a problem at all. Here is a good set of goals for beginners.

Don’t Forget the Value Of Rest and Relax With Some CBD

Finally, remember that there is much value in rest.  If you aren’t resting enough between your workouts, you’re going to burnout quickly and will hate your workouts and might want to drop it altogether. Don’t forget to rest.  

In order for your muscles to gain the benefits from your workout, you absolutely must give them rest during the downtime and between your sessions. Remember to eat well and drink a lot of fluids as well. Many of our team members use our CBD Tinctures and Capsules in between workouts to help them relax. Adding the CBD to their routine was a good addition.

Beginners should take 2-3 days off each week and rest and eat well. So there you have it, some things to consider as you go about starting a workout program. By using these tips to get prepared, you can be sure you’re taking a step forward in the right direction.